Wednesday, January 22, 2020


January craft day will be Wednesday January 29th at 12:00/2:00 pm.  Join us for the fun.  We will be making a special valentine, a no sew valentine pillow.  You can design your pillow for your fur friend in mind, for someone special, or just for yourself.

Pillows can be made with material we supply or if you are making it for your fur baby you can bring an old sweater, blanket or flannel shirt, something you can tuck into their bed to comfort them that they identify with you.   Each will be made with an herbal scent added to aid in stress relief, sleep aid or just a relaxant.  

Our theme for this years is going to be centered around nature and recycling.  Along with crafting we are going to be learning about nature, plants and new uses.

There will be a $20 charge for non-members or $15 for members to cover the cost of supplies.  Come join us.  

All monies this year from crafts will be designated to help with the cost of installing a stair lift chair to the second floor so it will be more accessible to those who have a problem climbing the stairs.  The cost of the lift is over $15,000.  We have to raise an additional $7000 or more to match the grant we received from the Tillotson-Menlo grant of $6000 and we ask your help and donations to help us reach this goal.